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Opening Spring 2018

Mission Health is investing more than $48 million in the Mission Hospital McDowell campus to ensure the continuation of health care services in a modern facility. The new facility will feature expanded emergency room services, larger inpatient rooms and state-of-the-art equipment. The campus will provide a focus on outpatient care and a continuation of health care services that support our regional network of care and ensure access to care in a sustainable manner.

North Carolina isn’t immune to the threats facing rural hospitals as we saw with Sentara Medical Center in Kitty Hawk closing its doors in December. But, in McDowell County, Mission Health is investing over $48 million in a brand new facility here to support care for decades to come.
Carol Wolfenbarger, RN, BSN, MSN, FACHE, President, Mission Hospital McDowell

Your Hospital, Your Benefits


More space to call your own & to heal in privacy

30 larger inpatient rooms, including 5 labor & delivery suites

Local surgical care to meet your specific needs

3 inpatient/outpatient operating rooms, including 1 C-Section room

Individual care provided before and after surgery

12 pre- and post-operative bays

Expanded emergency department with 15 bays, including 2 trauma bays

heart beat

Focused on patient flow in the emergency department, the number of bays will increase from 11 to 15. Capacity for patient volume surges will be built in. For behavioral health patients, a safe area will provide care while the patient awaits transfer. Our goal is to provide timely access to care.

Convenient, level parking

Provides quick and easy access to the facility for patients, family and loved ones

Care conveniently located in one location.

More than 105,000 total square feet, including a new medical office building

400-plus employees (5th largest in the county)

$67.4 million in annual economic impact

$2.4 million in total community benefits provided annually.


Perinatal Services – The Health Department and Mission Hospital McDowell’s clinical team care for approximately 70 patients who might not otherwise receive prenatal care. This program helps mothers-to-be keep important prenatal appointments.

Diabetes Prevention and Taking Control of Type 2 – Corpening Memorial YMCA and Mission Hospital McDowell partnered to provide lifestyle and behavior education – including Healthy Living Coaches – to help reduce the effects of type 2 diabetes among participants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Mission Health building a brand new hospital?

The decision to build a new hospital as opposed to renovating the current facility was not an easy decision for us to come to. A major reason to replace the facility was driven by the cost associated with repairing and upgrading the facility to today’s standards for patient care delivery. Because of this, Mission Health is investing over $48 million in a brand new, state-of-the-art facility in our community to provide care for decades to come.

What services will be offered in the new facility, and what are its benefits?

We are very fortunate because our new hospital will offer expanded and enhanced emergency services to the community, state-of-the-art imaging capabilities, larger patient rooms and expanded, technology-outfitted operating rooms. The new Mission Hospital McDowell will also offer two critically important services to patients: access to telehealth services, whereby community members will be able to consult with specialists in Asheville, and an intentionally designed safe area in our emergency department to care for behavioral health patients while they await transfer to an appropriate facility.

Will further changes be made in western North Carolina to healthcare offered through Mission Health?

Mission Health is constantly assessing the ever-changing healthcare environment in its pursuit to supply the highest quality care to our patients throughout the region and to achieve top-of-mind awareness in our service communities. We will work with our regional hospital presidents, board members and community leaders to assess our achievement of these aims and make plans accordingly.

Where did the money come from to build this new facility?

Mission Health has strategically chosen to reinvest its profits in McDowell County and has funded the majority of the $48 million expense for Mission Hospital McDowell. The new hospital investment will ensure that the community has access to quality healthcare services for the area for years to come.

Why are you changing the name from McDowell Hospital to Mission Hospital McDowell?

McDowell Hospital is getting a new name, Mission Hospital McDowell, as we open our new hospital this spring. The new name recognizes our enduring partnership with Mission Health, signifies the highest quality of care and patient experience, and honors the local community it serves.

Mission Health is building upon the strong foundation and legacy of McDowell Hospital, investing more than $48 million in the new campus to assure the continuation of exceptional healthcare services in a modern, updated facility.

Will other local practices or regional hospitals be changing in the future as well?

Decisions about the names of those other facilities will be made on a case-by-case basis and in consultation with those hospital leaders, board members and community leaders.

We at Mission Hospital McDowell want to extend our sincere thanks to our community as we look toward a bright future focused on growth and increased patient access to primary care. We remain committed to treating our community in the most innovative ways possible, but without any compromise in compassion – the personal touch that is our hallmark.