McDowell Hospital Announces Traffic Shift and Parking Change As Construction Progresses


McDowell Hospital Announces Traffic Shift and Parking Change As Construction Progresses

McDowellMay2017ParkingASHEVILLE, NC (May 22, 2017) – An upcoming change in traffic flow at McDowell Hospital will be taking effect beginning June 1st, and will be in place for patients, visitors, and staff alike from that time until completion of the new facility’s flat parking lot in August 2018 . The traffic flow change is necessary to accommodate the continuing construction of the new hospital facility and adjoining medical office building, both slated for completion early next year.

Beginning June 1st, the current visitor parking on the north side of the campus will be no longer be available. Visitor parking will be relocated on the west end of the hospital at the back of the current facility. In the interest of maximum safety to both drivers and pedestrian visitors to the campus, precautions will be taken and safeguards put in place on the hospital’s grounds, including additional crosswalks, strategically placed safety barriers, and restriped pavement to clearly differentiate one and two-way areas of the road that surround the hospital. Shuttle service will be expanded to provide maximum service to our patients, visitors and staff.

The Emergency Room and Main Entrance patient drop off areas will remain in the current locations Directional signage will be updated and added to assist in ensuring visitors are able to navigate the campus with ease and awareness. Emergency parking spaces will remain available on the south side of the hospital, closest to the Emergency Department entrance. The majority of road that surrounds the hospital will be one-way, which will improve safety for vehicles entering the hospital area as well as pedestrians.

“During the construction of the new facility, the safety of our patients, visitors, guests, employees, and construction workers has been and will remain the top priority as we develop traffic flow patterns to adjust to the impact of the project. Creating a one-way traffic flow for campus access during this next phase will promote safety for all involved. Our wonderful staff and volunteers will continue to assist our community in navigating the campus while we look forward to the completion of the project in 2018,” said Carol Wolfenbarger, RN, BSN, MSN, FACHE, and President, McDowell Hospital.

The new McDowell Hospital facility will offer numerous benefits to patients, their families, and caregivers, including an expanded and enhanced Emergency Department with behavioral health service provision capabilities, centralized imaging, a new Medical Office Building that will house a wide range of specialists, and a better environment and tools for providing ambulatory care.